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Posted by Bjørnar Teigen 31/07/2020 in EsportsFront sideNews

Apex Legends team

Recently, you guys played the ALGS Summer Circuit tournament. Would you mind telling me a bit about this tournament?

ALGS Summer circuit is one of the biggest tournaments in Apex Legends right now that any team above the rank of Gold IV can participate in. This gives the tournament a diverse mix of both average skilled teams and pro teams. After a few elimination rounds, most of the non-Pro teams are out and it gets difficult. We played quite well considering our short preparation but it gave us the validation that we are one of the better teams that deserve to be recognized.

E-sport is a very demanding sport which requires thousands of hours of practice.


You obviously had a very good run in the qualification round placing 3rd. How would you say your preparation was coming into this tournament?

Me, Sebastian (Aceland) and Philip, (Zezlaz) have played together for almost a year now which makes us a good duo, but a duo is not a full team. Getting Joel (CORYYYXD) on the team really brought us closer together and we’re having more fun, playing better and more synchronized than ever before. It was amazing to see how naturally Joel fit in the group as both a teammate and a player.

You had a pretty turbulent pre-tournament preparation. How would you say that your game plan changed with having to play with the new player CORYYYXD in your roster?

We actually didn’t have to change much except for finally being able to speak our first language, Swedish. It made in-game calls smoother, cleaner and faster. CORYYYXD’s mechanical skill and general game knowledge made the integration really simple too. Slight adaptations we’re made to specific calls but our other than that, it feels like we’ve been playing for way longer together.

E-sport is a very demanding sport which requires thousands of hours of practice.


How will you work together in the future to keep good results like these coming, and improve even further?

Working and playing as a team, getting feedback from our coaches and implementing that in our strategies.

Lastly, how do you and your teammates make practice fun?

It is not always fun. Being able to push through those days that are horribly boring is what separates the good teams from the bad ones. But mostly, the chemistry is what makes it fun. We are friends and not everything we talk about is game-related, not even while scrimming or competing. Maintaining good banter and joking around is what keeps us going.

I then moved on to talk with CORYYYXD, a great player who joined our roster 3 days before the tournament took place, his thoughts about the team and the PredatorX community.


First of all, welcome to PredatorX family, tell us how is it to play with Zezlaz and Aceland, two amazing players with such strong chemistry between them?

They are all right I guess. No, but seriously, they are really good players as well and I like our chemistry. That in my opinion is the most important part of a team. It feels amazing actually.

What qualities, would you say, your teammates possess that makes you such a good team?

I can be a bit goofy from time to time and in-game leader and shot-caller Aceland is good at maintaining focus and getting our heads back in the game. Zezlaz is the sharpshooter and smart guy, coming up with spontaneous ideas on the spot, you just have to make sure he gets a Flatline or R-99 and you will see knockdowns in the kill-feed.

Lastly, I asked about their experience with PredatorX so far, and their thought about the PredatorX community, and its teams.

Aceland: It was a small group of dedicated people that had a huge vision. Now it’s a large group of even more dedicated people with a bigger vision, larger goals and a serious influence on the Esports community.

Zezlaz: It’s good.

CorryXD: It’s a fast-growing Swedish community which helps push the Swedish esports forward in a great way. That is very important to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do this interview and the best of luck to you guys in future tournaments!

Daniel “DaN1cteD” Storbråten

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