3 Lanes Esports CoD

Founded 01 Sep 2020

  • 18 Win
  • 15 Loses
  • 0 Tie

About the team

Our Call of Duty roster is preparing for the lunch of new Call of Duty Cold War

Meet the Roster

Our roster our pride all on one place
    • Chainz

      Joris Oltmans

      Chainz Profile
    • Dodge

      Roger Acevedo

      Dodge Profile
    • HoaX
      Call of Duty Player

      Alex Hobden

      HoaX Profile
    • MagZz

      William Walker

      MagZz Profile
    • Monty

      Benjamin Montague

      Monty Profile
    • Swoosh
      Call of Duty Player

      Joe Thomson

      Swoosh Profile
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